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How To Choose The Right Style Of Window Treatment For Your Home

One of the most fun areas of home decorating is choosing what type of window treatments you are going to use. Not only do you have the choices of what style, fabrics, and colors but you also need to decide whether you will use matching or contrasting borders, fringe, cording, and other accents that will announce your individuality. The choice of window treatments tells a lot about a person's personality. My wife and I recently redesigned the window treatments in one of our homes and chose a tropical them complete with bamboo rods for the curtain holders and blinds that were made of bamboo slats for an island look. When we added some floral curtains and draped artificial flowers over the bamboo rods it really set the whole room up.

Many people don't realize how many different components go into creating great window treatments. In addition to the above you also have to choose your draperies and valances as well as what type of ties you are going to go with and with the valances you have to decide if you are going formal or casual as well as choosing the type of fabric and whether it will be flat, gathered, or pleated.

Next you will want to make a decision about blinds and shades. There is now a diverse selection of shades and blinds to choose from. This wasn't the case as little as 20 years ago but now you can walk into home improvement store and find an enormous selection, if you shop online you find an even larger selection. Here you will have to decide whether you are going to use shades made of fabric or the cellular variety. You will also have the options of bottom arched, pleated or flat, Roman and balloon styles. Keep in mind that the cellular shades will give you a much cleaner look.

If you opt to go with blinds as we have in all of our houses then you have many more choices. You can choose aluminum, vinyl, imitation wood, or real wood for your blinds and of course you also have a rainbow of colors to choose from. The great thing about using real wood is that you can match them to any color you need. They are also very adjustable as far as how much light you want to let in and you can open them with open windows to let breezes flow through and still maintain a degree of privacy.


4 Main Categories of Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human Touch massage chairs are right up at the top of the list in the massage chair world. They are a perfect example of what any other massage chair can aspire to be. It goes without saying that an actual human touch makes the best massage, but since Human Touch comes so close, the company picked an appropriate name. The technology and engineering that goes into their products is mighty close to replicating what a real human touch gives. Kudos to them. What I find fascinating is how people turn to modern technology for relief from muscle tension and other stresses that we all experience a a result of today's fast paced world. Technology that helps balance out the stresses caused by other technologies. Human Touch massage chairs come in different shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique contribution to make. There are four main categories of their massage chairs that I want to tell you about briefly.

First, the Casual line is lovingly referred to as the iJoy massage chair line. These chairs are cool and fashionable. They have a chic look to them and are perfect for any modern apartment, house, or office. Getting a chair to duplicate the feel of a massage takes a lot of technology and Human Touch puts many patented technologies into their massage chairs. The iJoy is packed with them.

The second category of Human Touch massage chairs is the Signature series. These are known for their sturdy and reliable construction and classic good looks. High grade leathers and beautiful hardwood accents make these pleasing to look at as well as comfortable to use. These chairs also have the ability for the user to customize their massage experience as well as using a variety of preprogrammed massage cycles. The Signature series also has a built in calf and foot massager. I can tell you from personal experience that this feature alone makes this chair worth every penny. I love the way this feature enhances the massage experience.

The third category of chairs is the Healthy Furniture line consisting of their Perfect Chairs. These come in a variety of top quality materials like micro suede and soft premium leather. Rather than actual massage chairs, these are primarily zero-gravity chairs that are designed to position the body in a neutral position to help counteract gravity's negative effects. The antigravity chair concept is one that has been around for a while, originally developed by NASA, but Human Touch excels at making theirs fashionable as well as comfortable.

Finally, the fourth category of Human Touch massage chair is the Elite line. These are the HT-1650 and the HT-7450 chairs. Both of these have Human Touch's patented technologies built in that include preprogrammed massage routines and customization options. They also give the user the option of having heat applied to their back.

Technology isn't a fix all, but when it comes to Human Touch massage chairs it comes pretty close. The way tensioners, rollers, kneaders, and massagers come to bear on our bodies is surprisingly similar to what an actual massage therapist would do. Light a few candles, set some nice meditative music on in the background, settle into your massage chair and enjoy the relaxation and stress relief that savvy massage aficionados have come to expect from Human Touch massage chairs.


How to Create a Family Game Room Out of Your Extra Bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom or a guest room that gets very little use, perhaps it is time to give it a total makeover. Why don't you turn that room into a wonderful game room that everyone will like, instead of wasting the space? Many times this can be accomplished on a minimal budget with hardly any effort. All you need is an unused bedroom, a few decorating materials, and plenty of games. Here are some nice simple tips for making that spare space into your very own family game room.

Inspecting Your Space

The first step towards creating a game room is carefully examining the room. If you already have furniture in the room, you will have to give some consideration as to what you will do with it. Sometimes you can still use the furniture and incorporate it as part of your family game room. However, some furniture pieces will probably have to be removed entirely, such as the bed itself. Sometimes you might just wish to put these items in storage so that you may have them available if you want them in the future. You might also donate these items to charity or perhaps sell them in a garage sale or on an internet auction site. When you have emptied the room, take a look at the floor and also the walls. If the room could use a new coat of paint, it can be easier to get the job done before you start adding new furniture to the room. Adding a colorful coat of paint can really help to transform an old bedroom into an enjoyable new game room.

Great Furniture Pieces for Game Rooms

Although the furniture pieces you include will obviously be somewhat based upon the kinds of games you plan to play, there are a few items that are always useful. A nice sturdy table and chair set, large enough for your entire family to sit at, is often an indispensable addition to the game room. Tables are usually a great thing to use for board games and card games. On the other hand, if you plan to play mostly video games in the room, then you might want to focus on a television set, an entertainment center, and comfortable seating pieces such as chairs, a small couch, or a loveseat. If there is hardwood or tile floor in the room, including an area rug can make sitting on the floor to play games a more comfortable experience.

Hints for Decorating the Game Room

You can have plenty of fun redecorating your family game room. Pictures of your family can make great art for your walls when you put them in wood picture frames. Or you might even hang old game boards made out of wood on your walls as a creative design. You may also find some wallpapers that have a theme perfect for a game room. You may even make a neat chair rail border around the walls of your game room using just some playing cards arranged end to end. All you need to have to attach them is some paste for wallpaper borders. You may also find some vintage boxes from board games, and also game directions and any other game-themed items to put in antique picture frames as wall artwork.

So use that extra bedroom you have as soon as you are able to. Begin converting it into a game room you will always love.


Did They Really Do That - Amazing Facts About Extreme Homes

It has been a proven fact that people with money tend to spend it on a house; even if they are known to be conservative spenders. There are certain trends that many millionaires tend to keep similar, and renovations and characteristics that also tend to be in common. A few for example are that they require special wings of the house to be secluded from the rest of the members of the family that no longer live in the home full time. They also feature extravagant guest houses, pools, landscapes, and so much more. Another similarity is that the kitchen seems to be the most common room that is remodeled, and sometimes the room that is spent the least amount of time in. "Million dollar homes", referring to much larger home as well nowadays, also tend to have game rooms and theatres that are completely lavish.

With the introduction of talking homes, and other seemingly absurd additions to homes, there's no putting past anything by anyone when it comes to building or remodeling homes when there is a lot of money involved. For instance, if you've got $88,000, you can get two regulation bowling lanes, complete with the works: computerized scoring, balls, pins, shoes, you name it. You can a get cellar for $15,000 with space for over one thousand wine bottles, and temperature controlled walls, but that's on the low end. If you want to get greedy, these can be priced up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars! This is an up-and-coming trend.

Feel the need to fire a gun often? You can have a firing range installed into your home for anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. Really, you can get anything you want put into your home; these were just a few of the recently rising trends seen within multi-millionaires.

There are some people who realize that they need to keep in shape. These people are installing full or half-sized home gyms, and some are doing rock climbing walls in their homes. It gets tricky there however because you need the ceiling space to be able to construct on properly. So that one's probably going to cost you quite a bit more.

With all of the amazing things people have thought of to add to their homes, it seems that many of the traditional qualities have been lost. But this may be because people are truly trying to put those childhood dreams of mansions and such into reality; and it seems that many who have the money to do it, are.


Glass Doorknobs - Everyday Art For Your Home

When you think of glass doorknobs, you may think of the old style glass doorknobs that could have been in a Victorian home. While they are attractive to look at, they are all very much the same. They are typically knob shaped and made from one color of glass. When the light hits them, they shine like a gem in a newly discovered treasure chest. But, that's about it, right? Wrong.

There is actually quite a variety on the market when it comes to glass doorknobs. They are not all that gemstone traditional look, but many are works of art that are hand blown or fire worked to make dazzling, yet functional, shapes.

When it comes to art glass doorknobs there are a number of styles to choose from. First you have to select the glass doorknob shape. These pieces come in cylinders, globes, squares, rectangles, or even egg shapes. While many of these are common shapes for pieces of household hardware, what is done to these pieces is anything but common. Inside the glass rods or eggs are swirled beautiful colors of glass that have been captured inside the overall shape. They almost look as if they are suspended pieces of ribbon that were being whipped up by a breeze. These glass doorknobs are going to have all your guests stopping for an extra moment just to admire them. This style of glass doorknob can be either just the glass on a metal base, or even framed with metal to complete the artsy look.

In addition to the design within glass, there are also glass doorknobs that are designs on glass. Take for example, an Asian inspired room that has bamboo accenting. The door knobs are white rods of glass that have been etched in such a way to look like they are pieces of bamboo that have been crystallized. Others add a piece of personality to modern home decor with rectangle and square glass etched door handles that come together to say "How are you?" through the etching.

Other Glass doorknobs can add an extra touch of Contemporary Victorian class to your home. They are being created in rectangles, rods and other contemporary-popular geometric shapes, while also being accented in Victorian-style gold leafing.

While many glass doorknobs are meant to take on a specific shape, others are left to the forces that be to dictate their form. These are pieces of glass that are put into kilns or fires, and allowed to melt into creative shapes that are later mounted to be used as a doorknob. While they are far from traditional, they are major talking pieces, as they are each one of a kind. Who wouldn't like saying they have an original piece of art in their home, even if it happens to be on a door?

Through the variety of glass doorknobs today, while it may not be a Chihuly, you can still have art glass in your home, this kind being art you can use every day.


Increase the value of your home by choosing improvements that add value

Although we are constantly being told that the green shoots of economic recovery are slowly emerging it is still a difficult marketplace for anyone seeking to sell their home.

Indeed, the first and most dramatic casualty of the current economic crisis was the lending market. As a result selling houses is now highly competitive and properties are not selling the instant they come onto the market regardless of their condition, as they did during the boom years. So, anything that can add value to your home and elevate it above similar properties on the market is a definite bonus.

There is a long list of home improvements that are considerably costly, but which add very little overall value to your property. In addition, undertaking improvements to your home could even devalue the property, especially if the work done is not undertaken by professionals or left unfinished.

Home improvements that have been shown to add no value to your property include the installation of a swimming pool, changing the use of a room from a bedroom to a gym or nursery, and assorted garden improvements such as the installation of decking. Not only are those features expensive to install but they could actually make your property less attractive to buyers.

However, one area that has been shown to definitely add value to a residential property at very little cost is to install a number of energy saving features. Making a home more energy efficient is attractive to potential buyers, especially in times of fluctuating power supply prices. That can be done in a number of ways, starting with loft insulation and ensuring that it is installed to the current recommended depth. Also, the installation of cavity wall insulation and renewal of double glazing can also produce considerable energy savings, preventing heat from escaping through the property walls and roof.

When it comes to internal changes, those considering the installation of a brand new kitchen are also presented with a range of energy saving opportunities. For example, new kitchen appliances all come with energy rating labelling clearly displayed on the appliance itself and on its packaging. When deciding which appliances to buy opt for the most efficient energy rated appliances, which are A-rated.

New ranges of energy-efficient boilers can also save a considerable sum on an annual energy bill, and anyone considering buying a property will favourably look upon one that has a new or recently improved energy-efficient boiler. If you are considering splashing out on home improvements, keep an eye on any possible energy saving features that you can incorporate. It will be worth it in the long run.


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